Just like a 3 Ring Circus, The Soap Bubble Circus has 3 main styles of fun offerings...

In Ring #1, we can perform Stage Shows, Scientific Demonstrations and Artistic Presentations. These can last anywhere from a few minutes up to 30 minutes. We can make bubble sculptures, put bubbles inside of bubbles, put fog inside of bubbles, make bubble volcanoes, make bubble cubes. Heck, we can even put people inside of a bubble. This activity has to be performed indoors.

In Ring #2, we offer what we call “The Bubble-Extravaganza”. This is where we use Tri-string Wands and Garlands to create Giant MONSTER Bubbles, and also fill the air with a Sea of Bubbles. We also have a professional grade Bubble Machine available for this service. This service allows the kids get to run around, jump and pop bubbles till their hearts are content. This one is always a hit and works great at festivals, fairs and parties. This activity has to happen outdoors.

In Ring #3,  for a more “Hands On” experience, we set up assorted  bubble making stations and let the kids make their own Soap Bubbles. The Kids ALWAYS love this element. This one is perfect for parties and festivals that have a Kids Zone of Kids Area. This is another outdoor activity. In addition, we can also teach workshops and classes in making bubble solutions, as well as how to make Tri-String wands to make GIANT Soap Bubbles.

We can also serve as Bubble Consultants for photo shoots, video shoots, weddings, and just about any celebration where Soap Bubbles would add a special, “magical” touch. We’ve performed our bubbles in classrooma at festivals, fairs, science museums, circuses and Corporate events. We were even been chosen as the “Senior Bubble Consultant” for a  beverage company introducing a new carbonated beverage.

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